Home Renovation

Whether you want to expand your kitchen, reconfigure the rooms or combine two apartments, CjDesignNYC will create a plan that will allow you to envision how it will meet your needs functionally and beautifully. We offer complete design services from Planning & Construction through Furnishing & Accessories.

Architectural Detailing

We will create special details for your home or office such as ceiling treatments, custom modern moulding profiles, period moulding, built in cabinetry, fireplace mantels, window seats or floor designs. The harmonious integration of these details is what turns an average interior into a strikingly beautiful space.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Kitchens and baths are complex orchestrations of layout, materials, fixtures and architectural elements. Whether you want custom designed cabinetry, a semi-custom system or a stock vanity we will enhance both the function and beauty of your new kitchen or bath with style, fine detailing and expertise in how all of the  elements come together.

Lighting Design

Good lighting design requires many types of light fixtures to create atmosphere, enhance architecture or make your art and furnishings come alive. Light itself creates the beauty we see all around us. At the same time it must serve essential functional requirements. We create lighting plans that specify everything from task, recessed and cove lighting to antique chandeliers and custom designed contemporary fixtures.


Furniture Planning

The essential first step in furnishing any space is to draw a furniture plan. By thoroughly assessing your needs and desires as well as considering the constraints of the space itself, we will create a plan that specifies the types of pieces to be used, their scale and their placement. We call this a “living plan” since it shows you how you will move through the space and function in all aspects of your life there.

Furniture Selection

Our approach to furniture selection begins with a “living plan” that establishes what pieces are needed and then proceeds to the selection of unique items that will become focal points in the space. These may include vintage or antique items, carpets, art, a distinctive table, lamp or a cabinet that sets a tone and creates a style. These pieces serve to determine a palette of materials and they guide you through the selection of additional furnishings that will enhance the already established style.

Custom Furniture Design

When that special piece is not available on the market, does not fit in your budget, is not exactly right or you just want to have something special that is unique we will create a custom designed piece for you. Whether you want something that functions in a particular way, fits a particular location or is made in a particular material we can create just the right thing to satisfy your desire.

New Construction Consult

Are you about to build a new home per plans by your builder or architect? Unsure how the rooms will meet your needs? We will create a “living plan” prior to construction that will be a functionally complete room layout. This will help you decide where the cable TV outlet, electrical, lighting fixtures or built in cabinets should be installed. Or, what architectural adjustments will make your home more perfect for you and your individual needs.

Material And Finish Selection

Selecting a complementary palette of materials is the key to creation of style. From wood, tile glass and stone to paint color, carpet and fabrics, material selection is crucial to overall appearance. Whether you want a neutral palette or are yearning for some color in your life a sophisticated palette of materials will give your interior the custom look you are hoping for.

Window Treatments

We can turn an average set of windows into a focal point, give you control over light and privacy or separate one area from another and do it all with style. We offer creative solutions to a host of needs through the use of fabrics, shades, blinds or shutters to create both functional and beautiful treatments.

Art Consultation

With Cj’s background in Fine Art we have a special ability to help with this very important part of any interior. We offer complete art consultation services. We can “start with the art” by finding a great piece for use as a focus of interest and create a room around it. Or we will fill in the blank with works of art that are fun, visually stimulating, thought provoking or stunningly beautiful. We also consult on placement, framing and display of your existing artwork.

Commercial Design

Our commercial work has included lobbies, reception areas, executive offices and conference rooms as well as retail and trade showrooms. In all of our projects there is a strong focus on creating environments that both attract people and function for those who use them. We employ a keen sense for atmosphere as well a clear eye for product enhancement.

About Us


Our first priority with a new client is to develop strong lines of communication. It is essential to understand the needs and priorities of any client whether residential or commercial. We focus on how the space must function for the individuals it serves and assess the advantages and deficits of the existing or proposed space. Secondly, we investigate the clients’ sense of style, their spirit, their outlook on life and their family, business or social interactions as well as preferences in terms of color, texture & pattern.  While the existing or proposed architecture is a strong beginning place and often gives a direction, all of the other considerations are what give a space an individual distinction.

A plan is then devised which establishes areas of function, interaction, communication and privacy. We call this a “living plan”. Decisions about architectural changes to the space or to accentuate or hide particular elements of the structure are shown as well as a complete furniture plan since the “living plan” is a depiction of a fully furnished environment. From this plan you can see how you will move through the space, interact and function in it.

Next, special pieces of particular beauty or interest are selected. These may include art, antiques, carpets, unique pieces of furniture or fabric which will become focal points, set a tone, create a distinct style or visual energy. Architectural details and a palette of materials, colors and textures are developed to highlight these pieces. Finally other pieces of furniture are selected to function within this plan and enhance the established style. At all times, individual needs are at the center of “living plan” development. The results of this rational humanistic approach are stylistically diverse interiors that are both functional and unique.


Principal Designer – Cj Jadlocki

Cj is energized by a passion for color and form. Travels throughout Europe and Asia and a lifelong study of art history instill her projects with inspiration from the creative arts of many cultures. Her life as a fine artist and an ongoing involvement in the contemporary art world give her designs a creative, playful spirit.

After formal studies in fine art she started her career in Chicago teaching painting and drawing. During this period she exhibited her paintings throughout the Midwest. When she left teaching, she found part time work in various parts of the interior design industry while continuing her career as a painter. She worked as a picture framer, sold home furnishings, custom drapery and upholstery.

After a move to New York City she started taking these sidelines more seriously. This led to a position designing architecturally based custom cabinetry and seating for a small company called Furnitecture. Her clients were a combination of individual homeowners and Interior Designers. In the “to the trade” portion of the business, she perfected her skills as a chameleon designer, able to execute the diverse styles of various design firms. This has made her particularly able to follow the lead of her clients and give them a solution that is unique to them.

CjDesignNYC was founded in 1994. The business began as a resource doing Architectural Design and Custom Product drawings for other interior designers many of whom were already clients. In 1995, in order to further develop her own unique approach to all aspects of Interior Design, she began to take on clients of her own. Architectural Design, Cabinet Design, Custom Seating and Drapery as well as Designs for Rugs, Tables and Accessories remain a big part of the business.  But now they are integrated into an overall vision of her own. She is a hands on designer completely involved in each and every project. She has kept the scale of the business small so that she can be sure of giving each client the personal attention to detail that she is known for.

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