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Executive Offices

Brooklyn, New York


The stainless steel backlit signage on the wall is centered behind the dramatic white glass rectangle of the Reception desk.


The white glass and walnut Reception desk projects slightly into the center hall space.  Stone patterned porcelain floor tile provides an extremely durable light neutral ground for the main traffic areas.


The left section of the main hall leads to the public restrooms and through double glass doors to additional offices. Soffits were added to break up what appeared to be one long continuous hallway and delineate the Reception Area. A ceiling cove was created above each of side sections of hall and a centered hanging light fixture was installed in each cove.

A colorful photographic artwork by Kim Keever was mounted between decorative light sconces opposite the reception desk.


A photographic print by Kate Cordson was hung in the left hall leading to the reception.



A glass enclosure was installed in front of the new kitchen to visually join the kitchen with the hall and create the illusion of a larger space. Undercounted refrigerator and freezer drawers were used to keep all of the storage low. Stainless steel doors were installed on all of the lower cabinets to keep the look continuous with the appliances.

In the distance doors leading to the executive assistants office and the office of the CEO have recessed white glass panels allowing light to penetrate while providing privacy.


The 2″ marble tile that covers the backsplash is set in alternating horizontal and vertical directions to create a graphic pattern. The upper cabinets with full glass doors were hung over a quartz composite counter and a dark quartz composite sink. A stainless steel microwave was inset into the upper cabinets.

In right hallway the kitchen glass enclosure combined with the three glass doors to the Conference Room opens up the whole area to the light from the wall of windows beyond.



The conference room window wall comes in at a sharp angle to the main areas creating a triangular room. This required a custom designed shaped table with rounded corners. A Taj Mahal Quartzite table top is mounted over wired metal finish bases with a wire channeled underlayment. An elaborate ceiling moulding treatment enriches the space and emphasizes the high ceilings. A large screen TV is used for video conferences from overseas.


A bar cart is used for drink service at the narrow entry end of the room.


Three paintings on paper by artist Ky Anderson are mounted on the long wall facing the windows. Modern crystal chandeliers light the conference table.


Metal drawers that pull out from beneath the conference table surface have internet and electrical outlets inside for use during meetings while keeping the table surface clear of outlet hardware.


The 16ft long cabinet at the head of the conference table was designed in rift cut oak with horizontally placed grain, a horizontal pattern of reveals and long horizontal pulls emphasize the length. A Taj Mahal Quartzite top with trash and recycling openings allows it to be used as a buffet for food service.


The Conference Room is set with china for Lunch and Dinner meetings.


From the narrow end of the conference room you look out through the double glass entry doors to the waiting room.


In the waiting room digital artwork by Didier Massard creates a magical atmosphere.


Existing black leather seating was brightened by a light patterned rug, sheer draperies, new travertine tops on the existing tables, lighting and artwork.


A print by Chloe Sells is hung opposite the window wall and anchors the view back to reception.


The executive assistants office faces the reception area and sits directly outside the CEO’s office. The doorway opens to a view of the reception and conference room beyond.


A combination of natural walnut bases and faux white washed wood laminate tops with frosted glass upper cabinets gives this narrow office a more open feeling. A shirred curtain at the window to the hallway offers privacy from hallway traffic while softening the look.


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